First Thoughts on Google’s Foundations of User Experience Course.

This will be a review of the first of seven Google UX Design courses. Google in partnership with Coursera have provided a self-paced seven month course.This set of courses is designed to help individuals understand the principles and practices of UX Design. The course itself is extremely inexpensive, around forty dollars a month, compared to traditional education or even bootcamps. This can be a great opportunity for those looking to land their first entry level job or even make a career change.

Before I begin my analysis of the course, I will give a brief introduction about myself. My name is Antione, I am a twenty-five year old from San Francisco, CA. I attended university in Northern California and completed my degree in Political Science. Upon completion, I decided that I had no interest in pursuing a career in politics. This lead me to begin searching for a new interest. That led me to an introduction to web development. After completing a few basic projects and designing a website, I found that what really fascinated me was the design aspect. Design not only allowed me to express myself creatively but also involved logical thinking. This eventually lead me to UX/UI design.

Upon starting this course I had a very surface level understanding of the principles surrounding UX design. The first course titled “Foundations of User Experience Design” explains just that, the foundations. The student is introduced to the definition of UX design, different UX roles, and many of the design principles designers utilize daily. The students are assigned a number of task ranging from quizzes to discussions with other students. There are a few side projects, to help the student get a feel for potential work they will do, but nothing too challenging. At first it may seem like a lot to digest, but with time everything begins to click.

In conclusion, I believe that this course can be very beneficial to anyone curious about UX design. It is taught by knowledgable instructors and was created by a household name people trust. It is more accessible to anyone who may not have the means of learning about UX in more structured settings. Since it is self-paced, the student is able to structure their learning around their lives. Google has also partnered with other companies looking to hire UX designer upon completion of the course. Overall, I think this course has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of people. I will continue to review the courses as I complete them. Good luck and happy learning!

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